Kaman Receives Initial Award From Leading eVTOL Company for Components Utilizing Its Titanium Diffusion Hardening Process

Kaman Receives Initial Award From Leading eVTOL Company for Components Utilizing Its Titanium Diffusion Hardening Process

01 November 2021

Today Kaman (NYSE: KAMN) announces that its subsidiary Kamatics Corporation (“Kamatics”) received an initial award to provide components manufactured using its proprietary Titanium Diffusion Hardening process (“TDH”) to a leading eVTOL manufacturer. Kaman’s TDH process opens up new engineered applications by providing the lightweight and high strength benefits of titanium alloys while improving surface hardness, durability, and wear characteristics. TDH produces a deep, super hard, high-finished case layer that is up to 200 microns deep with up to 62 RCH, which expands its use in bearings and other kinematic systems that benefit from titanium’s inherent properties.

Rob Paterson, President of Kamatics, stated, “We have always prided ourselves on pushing the boundaries in material science and application engineering. This initial award from a leading eVTOL company continues to validate the benefits of our TDH process, which allows our customer to utilize titanium in applications where lightweight, highly durable solutions are needed. We see significant opportunities to expand our product offering utilizing our TDH process across a broad range of end markets, including eVTOL, Space, Aerospace and Defense, Medical and Industrial.”

Kamatics has been a trusted partner in the commercial aerospace industry for over 55 years and is a leader in designing, testing, and manufacturing the highest performing bearings, drive systems and operational critical parts in the industry, excelling under the most demanding conditions. They continue to excel at innovating solutions for their customers most critical challenges.

About Kaman Corporation

Kaman Corporation, founded in 1945 by aviation pioneer Charles H. Kaman, and headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut conducts business in the aerospace & defense, industrial and medical markets. Kaman produces and markets proprietary aircraft bearings and components; super precision, miniature ball bearings; proprietary spring energized seals, springs and contacts; complex metallic and composite aerostructures for commercial, military and general aviation fixed and rotary wing aircraft; safe and arming solutions for missile and bomb systems for the U.S. and allied militaries; subcontract helicopter work; restoration, modification and support of our SH-2G Super Seasprite maritime helicopters; manufacture and support of our K-MAX® manned and unmanned medium-to-heavy lift helicopters. More information is available at www.kaman.com.

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Source: Kaman Corporation