Small Components, Big Performance Advantages

Although they’re often measured in millimeters, our proven, precise seals, springs, and electrical contacts have a profound impact. They make medical implantables smaller and more functional, they simplify surgical device design, and they improve the accuracy of diagnostic instruments. They even protect spacecraft – like NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance – from environmental conditions that are literally out of this world.



Our custom-engineered Bal Seal® sets new standards for performance and reliability in rotary, reciprocating, oscillating, and static/face service. It combines material science with innovative geometries and wear-reducing canted coil spring energizer technology to extend the life of your designs.



Our versatile Bal Spring® canted coil spring is a proven solution for mechanical connecting, electrical conducting, and EMI/RFI shielding challenges. Its size, simplicity, and multifunction capabilities can help you reduce system complexity and weight while improving functionality.



Our Bal Contact® solutions effectively manage high, medium, and low current in a wide range of applications. Made from standard or implantable-grade/biocompatible metals, they can also be supplied in a system with seals for dielectric isolation.

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