Unmatched Versatility

Quick to launch and cost effective to fly, the K-MAX® is a reliable aerial lift helicopter in any situation.

When the job is hot, high, dirty or dangerous, the K-MAX® is ready performing multiple missions.

K MAX Purpose Built

K-MAX Capabilities

Unmatched Precision

K MAX Unmatched Precision

Unmatched Versatility

K MAX MultiMission

Unmatched Efficiency

K MAX Unmatched Efficiency


Max gross weight (with external load) 12,000 lb 5,443 kg
Max take-off weight 7,000 lb 3,175 kg
Empty weight 5,145 lb 2,334 kg
Useful load 6,855 lb 3,109 kg
Cargo hook capacity 6,000 lb 2,722 kg
Sea Level 6,000 lb 2,722 kg
5,000 feet 5,663 lb 2,574 kg
10,000 feet 5,163 lb 2,347 kg
15,000 feet 4,313 lb 1,960 kg
Hover IGE 12,000 lb 5,443 kg
Hover OGE 11,500 lb 5,216 kg
Model - Honeywell T53-17 gas turbine    
Thermodynamic rating 1,800 shaft horsepower 100 kt
Without external load 100 kt 185.2 kph
With external load 80 kt 148.2 kph
Total usable fuel 219.5 gal 831 liters
Avg fuel consumption 85 gal/hr 321.7 l/hr
Jet A fuel 557.6 lb/hr 252.9 kg/hr
Maximum endurance 12+ hr  
Maximum range 1,852km (est)  
Maximum speed with external load 148.2km/h  
Maximum speed without external load 148.2km/h  
Internal fuel endurance 2 hr 41 min  
Range with external load 396.3km  
Range without external load 494.5km  
Approved fuels Jet B/JP-4 Jet B/JP-4

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