How do you improve the most efficient and economical helicopter in its class? You give it the ability to operate unmanned and enable operations that until now were too high-risk. Achieving affordability by leveraging historical advantage and COTS technology, Kaman has produced the world’s first, heavy lift unmanned helicopter for the commercial market. With a mission payload capacity of 4,500+ lbs, TITAN will continue to lead the way in repetitive heavy lift, but will now operate without the constraints of manned operations. For the dirty, dangerous, and mundane missions, TITAN will stay in the fight longer, potentially doubling the work capacity of the gritty, known performer, K-MAX. Whether the mission is saving lives through firefighting or disaster relief or providing logistics support in bad weather or into the nighttime hours, TITAN provides the reliability and flexibility needed to sustain operations in any place under the harshest conditions.

Unmanned K-MAX® and the U.S. Marines:

Kaman continues to drive with our innovative spirit and historical advantage when it comes to designing and building truly usable, suitable unmanned systems. From the first-ever unmanned helicopter flown at Kaman in 1957, to the exceptional and once again first-ever combat deployment of the K-MAX UAS during Operation Enduring Freedom, Kaman has remained engaged and committed to advancing the role of unmanned rotorcraft in both commercial and military markets. The USMC TITAN is flying today.


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