High Performance at High Loads, and Extreme Temperatures

A Fraslip Liner for Every Application

RWG’s Fraslip liner system is suitable for a wide range of bearings, including bushings, sphericals, and rod ends. Consult with the experts at RWG about how Fraslip can be incorporated into your application.

RWG Germany GmbH’s self-lubricating Fraslip liner systems can be found in many aerospace and other applications including:

  • Flap Attachments
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Actuation Systems
  • Passenger and Cargo Doors
  • Engines
  • Rotor Systems
  • Deep Space Applications

Whether an application will involve high loads, high speeds, or extreme temperature conditions, there are 3 basic fabric formulations that cover most applications:

fraslip F


Fraslip is a versatile self-lubricating liner system that is used for high static loads and low speeds.

Fraslip F is a tight woven fabric of multifilament synthetic fibers, saturated with a unique formula of PTFE, resin and special fillers and features:

  • Operates at temperatures -67°F to 325°F (-55°C to 163°C)
    • 392°F (200°C) Short Duration
  • Outstanding compatibility with bare titanium
  • Non-swelling
  • Low outgassing (tested per mVCM ECSS Q70-02)
  • Qualified to
    • SAE AS 81820
    • EN2755
    • ABS2045
    • many customer approvals
Fraslip EF


Fraslip EF is designed for high speed oscillating applications, such as those found in helicopters.  Fraslip EF consists of a special tight woven fabric of multifilament synthetic fibers with interwoven PTFE-Fibers saturated with resin, with a mating surface of super finished Tungsten Carbide.

  • Operates at temperatures -67°F to 325°F (-55°C to 163°C)
  • Fulfills the performance requirements of SAE AS 81819
Fraslip T


Fraslip T is suitable for high temperature applications at medium loads. Fraslip T is the perfect solution for applications which may not have previously been able to consider a self-lubrication bearing due to extreme temperature conditions.

  • Operates at Temperatures -65°F to 600°F (-53°C to 315°C)
    • 675°F (350°C) short duration
  • High strength with non-fluid absorbing fibers.

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