Performance, Reliability, and Extended Service Life

With over 50 years of experience, our vast knowledge and understanding of self-lubricating bearings and engineered products enable our team of over 35 design and application engineers to work closely with each customer to develop and implement application-specific solutions.

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Our bearing solutions offer an increase in performance, reliability, and extended service life without oil or grease lubrication; KAron self-lubricating bearings are proven effective in the most demanding aerospace, defense, marine, and industrial applications around the globe.

Engineered Products

In addition to KAron self-lubricating bearings, Kamatics provides a wide range of other solutions to improve performance, reduce wear and extend life; these solutions include wear strips, special bearing configurations, unique high temperature alloys, and our revolutionary Titanium Diffusion Hardening (TDH).

Testing, Research and Development

Kamatics’ advanced research teams and extensive test lab continually test and introduce new technologies and materials to support the evolving demands of our customers.

Advanced Engineered Technologies Being Pioneered by Kamatics.

The Story of Kamatics is the Story of KAron.

It started in 1966 as a singular need. Bearings used on the rotor flaps of the SH-2 Sea Sprite were failing at an alarming rate, and the Navy needed a bearing liner that could stand up to the harsh conditions of maritime missions.

Kaman engineers developed KAcarb, and the material worked so well that a new company was built around its continued development and manufacture. This was the genesis of KAcarb Products, which would soon be re-christened Kamatics.

We continued to engineer and develop our liner technologies, and in 1973 we created a revolutionary product: The KAron liner system. KAron was the world’s first self-lubricating liner that was molded directly onto the bearing itself, and the first self-lubricating liner that could be machined, allowing for unmatched precision.

We invented the moldable, machinable, self-lubricating liner, and we’ve never stopped improving it. The result is the world’s best self-lubricating bearings technology, creating components that are maintenance-free, and usable in nearly any industry and application. We’ve deployed several variations on our KAron formula designed to meet the needs of challenging applications and environmental conditions. We’re still improving and expanding the reach of KAron to this day.

Kamatics engineers have gone on to create a multitude of other innovative and highly engineered products, but the spirit of our company still lies with the revolutionary, versatile self-lubricating liner system, KAron.


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