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KAron Liner Options

Our industry-leading self-lubricating liner systems can meet the needs of applications across industries, including aerospace, marine, hydropower, and space vehicles.

Learn more about the varieties of our KAron material, each of which has been developed to meet a wide range of environment, load, and wear conditions.

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Custom Engineering

Kamatics was created by a spirit of invention and innovation, and we are constantly working to improve our existing technologies while creating wholly new custom engineered designs for our customer’s most challenging applications in aerospace, helicopter, space, hydropower, and marine applications.

Learn more about how our engineers can help you solve you most challenging application problems.

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Titanium Diffusion Hardening

Our proprietary Titanium Diffusion Hardening process is a milestone in titanium surface finish improvement and makes titanium a viable material in applications where it may not previously have been considered.

Learn more about how TDH makes a smooth, hard, bearing surface in titanium alloys, leading to great potential for weight savings in aerospace, helicopter, and space applications.

Abrasion Resistant Materials and Wear Strips

Our abrasion resistant materials and wear strips are designed to reduce wear and extend life in any application where pre-mature wear and fretting damage cause costly repair and overhaul.

Wear strips are easily bonded to the substrate material of your application. We provide custom cut shapes in a wide range of thicknesses to suit the needs of your application.

Learn more about how to prevent pre-mature wear with our abrasion resistant materials.

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