Proven Experience and Industry Knowledge

Products with a Long Record of Reliability

Kaman is the world’s leading provider of fuzes and safe and arm devices for use in:

  • MK80 series
  • BLU-100 series
  • Low Drag tail kits
  • High Drag tail kits

Kaman combines extensive product knowledge and experience with world class production and testing facilities to create bomb fuzes that are recognized as highly reliable throughout the defense industry.

Kaman provides fuzes and safe and arm devices to all branches of the U.S. military, and has over 75 years of experience and ordnance knowledge in missile and bomb fuze engineering.

Kaman’s engineering team brings a wide range of electrical, mechanical and software skills to the program, from concept and early development to qualification and full-scale production.

bomb fuzing

Bomb Fuzing

Kaman is the sole source for many critical bomb fuzing applications in the U.S. Defense industry.  Kaman’s bomb fuzes are tested in a world-class facility and designed by an experienced and knowledgeable team that has earned these products a reputation for reliability and quality.

missile fuzing

Missile Fuzing

Kaman supports many state of the art weapons systems with its missile fuze products, ensuring a high quality standard through vertical integration of its design, production and testing facilities.  The result is missile fuze products which are recognized across the defense industry for reliability.

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