Bearings Engineered to Stand up to Extreme Conditions

Exceed the Needs of Extreme Applications

Metal-to-metal bearings are used for applications that experience high impact, high loads, and/or severe environmental conditions such as high or low temperatures, such as:

  • High impact aerospace applications
  • Applications exposed to vacuum
  • Heavy industry applications

Different types of construction and various coatings, platings, and lubricants are available to ensure the best performance under almost any conditions.

RWG offers a range of custom engineered metal-to-metal bearing solutions:

  • Very high load rating
  • High tolerance to impact loads
  • Cryogenic temperatures
  • High temperatures up to 800°C

Design the Right Bearing for Your Application

RWG is able to offer a range of options for bearing design and construction:

  • Several material options
  • Formed outer ring
  • Outer ring with loader slot
  • Split ball design
  • Vacuum compatible

Consult with the experts at RWG and choose the best bearing for your application.

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