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Kaman is a worldwide leader in the design, production, and integration of precision high-performance, non-contact position measuring systems for critical applications. Our solutions can be custom engineered, configured, and manufactured to meet the needs of any application. Partner with our staff of highly experienced engineers to ensure the success of your project.

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General Purpose Sensors

Kaman has numerous sensors based on our core eddy current technology. General Purpose systems include the KD-2306, KD-2446, SC-2440, digiVIT and ThreadChecker.

Typical industry applications include: automotive, energy, metals production, metalworking, pulp and paper, Plastics and rubber, Semiconductor capital equipment, and more.

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High Precision Sensors

Kaman high precision eddy current measuring systems feature the SMT-9700 and SMU-9000 products.  These systems are perfect for analytical and OEM applications requiring customized optimization of specific measurement characteristics such as resolution, linearity, thermal stability of output, or frequency response.

Kaman High Precision systems are ideal for applications requiring high resolution, including precision machining and grinding, spindle axial runout, mirror alignment, optical stage positioning, metrology measurements, and more.

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Differential Sensors

Differential measuring systems represent a significant advancement in precision measurement technology.  Differential systems provide exceptional resolution, repeatability, and nulling accuracy for detecting the aligned or centered position of a conductive target relative to a pair of non-contacting sensors.  Radiation tolerance to 135 kRad make these systems ideal for space applications.

Differential systems are widely used in fast steering mirror control, measuring stage alignment, airborne night vision systems, directed energy systems, image trackers, weighing systems, and more.

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Extreme Environment Sensors

This specialized line of high temperature sensors features precise operation at up to 1,000°F continuous and +1,200°F short term, with resolution and repeatability comparable to the Kaman line of high precision systems.  Durable and precise, with available multi-channel rack systems using Eurocard electronics or NEMA enclosures.

Extreme Environment Systems utilize laser-welded Inconel housings and mineral-insulated hard line cable to withstand the rigors of applications in aerospace propulsion, nuclear energy production, conventional power generation, cryogenic chambers, and more.

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