Experience and Expertise in the Design of Bearings and Engineered Products

Solving Challenging Problems with Innovation

Kaman designs and manufactures the best performing bearings and engineered products, leveraging custom engineering to create solutions to the most extreme applications across all industries.  Whether your application is in aerospace, medical devices, hydropower, or heavy industry, Kaman has the experience and the knowledge to create a highly engineered solution for your most challenging problems.

self lubricating bearings

Self-Lubricating Bearings

Kaman offers bearings that are maintenance free and provide increased reliability and longer application life, reducing operating cost in challenging applications across industries.  Kaman has a wide range of self-lubricating bearing liners available, and your choice will depend on your application.  Some liners work well at high speeds or high loads, while others are engineered for high temperature applications or high impact conditions.  Whether your application is in aerospace, helicopters, heavy industry, hydropower, or marine vehicles, there is a self-lubricating liner that can solve your bearing challenges.

metal to metal

Metal-to-Metal Bearings

Metal to metal bearing solutions are well suited to applications that experience high impacts or high loads.  These bearings can also stand up to severe environmental conditions such as high temperatures up to 800°C, low temperatures, including cryogenic temperatures, or exposure to vacuum conditions experienced by space applications.

rolling element bearings

Rolling Element Bearings

Rolling element designs offer bearing solutions for applications that require the lowest friction at the highest speeds.  Kaman offers conventional ball bearings, as well as needle roller bearings which can manage higher loads due to their increased surface area.  Kaman also offers innovative solutions for track rollers, including a maintenance free track roller that employs the KAron self-liner system for optimal performance and extended application life, even under harsh conditions.

high precision bearings

High Precision Bearings

The GRW brand offers a range of high precision bearings for diverse applications that require high accuracy and performance in limited space conditions on precision tools and other applications across industries.  These include universally configurable high precision bearings that support both radial and axial forces, angular contact ball bearings with a defined contact angle, bearings with high running accuracy in applications requiring high speeds and high loads and bearings designed to absorb axial forces in small spaces.

abrasion resistant materials

Wear Strips and Abrasion Resistant Materials

Wear strips help to protect valuable components and assemblies from premature wear and costly overhaul.  P54 and KAron wear strips that reduce wear and extend application life, which means a lower operating cost and less maintenance.  Wear strips can also be used to repair surfaces damaged by sliding or fretting wear.  Kaman cuts wear strips into custom shapes that can be easily bonded to a wide range of materials.  Kaman also offers components with wear strip material built into the design.

titanium surface finish

Titanium Surface Engineering

The proprietary Titanium Diffusion Hardening process, an innovative solution which creates a hard, smooth and deep case layer in titanium alloys.  TDH makes titanium a suitable bearing material in applications where it may not have previously been considered, offering weight savings opportunities.


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