bushings journal bearings

KAron Bushings & Journal Bearings

Bushings (also known as journal bearings or plain bearings) reduce friction between a rotating element and a stationary support. KAron bushings use Kamatics’ proprietary self-lubricating liner systems, which have established superior results in providing longer life and lower maintenance costs.

spherical bearings

KAron Sphericals

Spherical bearings are composed of an inner ball which acts as a bearing surface against an outer ring. KAron sphericals use Kamatics’ proprietary self-lubricating liner systems in the inner diameter of the ring, providing longer application life and lower maintenance costs.

karon liner options

KAron Special Configurations

The KAron self-lubricating liner system is versatile and well suited to use in custom engineered bearings that are custom designed to support unique applications.  KAron liner increases application life and reduces operating cost.

fraslip bearings

Fraslip Bearings

The highly engineered fabric self-lubricating liner solution for applications with high speeds, high loads, or extreme temperature conditions. Fraslip is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of bearings, including bushings, sphericals, and rod ends.

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