Reduce Maintenance and Extend Life with Kamatics Self-Lubricating Liner Solutions

Metal-To-Metal lubricated spherical bearings are also designed & fabricated in our U.S. facility Metal-to-Metal bearings are designed with conventional stainless steel alloys, or other specialized alloys based on application, temperature and environment. Kamatics also has a breadth of experience designing bearings for use in engines.

Our Spherical Bearings are Used in Numerous Applications Across Several Industries, Including:

commercial aircraft landing gear

Commercial Fixed Wing Aircraft

  • Landing Gear
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers
military helicopter

Commercial and Military Helicopters

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Damper Bearings
  • Swash Plate Bearings
  • Pitch Control Systems
  • Rotor Control Systems
Commercial Aircraft Engine


  • Turbines
  • Cowlings and Doors
  • Thrust Reversers and Nacelles
Mars rover

Space Vehicles and Satellites

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Solar Array Deployment Systems
  • Fuel tank attachment points
Naval vessel


  • Navigational Lock Systems
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Steering and Diving Mechanisms
Hydro Electric Dam


  • Gate Systems
  • Kaplan Hub Trunnion

Kamatics Bearings are Made with KAron Self-Lubricating Liners, Available in a Range of Varieties

Our liners deliver better performance than other self-lubricating materials because they don’t have continuous interconnecting fibers or weave that can provide a moisture path to the bonding substrate. A moisture path can promote corrosion under the liner or significant liner swelling when used in a moisture-laden environment.

spherical bearings
B1 Control Rod
Boeing Rod End

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