Kamatics to Support the New James Webb Telescope With KAron Technology

Kamatics to Support the New James Webb Telescope With KAron Technology

27 January 2022

BLOOMFIELD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 27, 2022–
Kamatics Corporation, a Kaman business (NYSE:KAMN), announced that they will support the new James Webb Space Telescope with its KAron, high technology self-lubricating bearings.

Named after the NASA chief who led the Apollo space program, the James Webb Space Telescope launched on December 25, 2021. Webb’s infrared telescope, able to see into distant galaxies, will explore a wide range of scientific questions and help us understand the origins of the universe, as well as locate potential habitable exoplanets.

Kamatics Corporation has applied its expertise in material science to create self-lubricating bearings for many of the moving elements in the James Webb Space Telescope that perform within harsh environments of missions. KAron, applied to many aerospace, defense, marine, and industrial applications, has been operating in space for decades; more recent space applications include the International Space Station, rocket lift off engines, satellites, and space tourism vehicles.

Temperature extremes, radiation, the vacuum of space, and compatibility with other volatile materials are challenges that the Kamatics material science team has overcome for the Webb application. NASA has tested Kamatics’ KAron self-lubricating bearing technology for space applications to ensure its ability to withstand challenges including outgassing compatibility tests.

“We have developed a strength in material sciences relative to space applications and have strong positions with many partner companies,” said Matt Lessard, Director of Engineering at Kamatics. “Currently, we are developing bearing materials that are compatible with direct liquid oxygen service and also for demanding cryogenic applications.”

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