Programs that Support Our Long‑Term Objectives

WALK advances Kaman’s strategic goals by implementing specific business initiatives that increase our global representation of women in leadership roles.

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Leadership Development

Leadership development opportunities are offered to Kaman employees, including unconscious bias awareness training, performance management training, women-specific webinars, formal mentoring programs, and networking opportunities with members of senior leadership.

Local Women's Groups

While many Kaman women may not be aware of the Bloomfield Women’s Professional Group, a grassroots effort started at Kaman Aerospace, the group has gained momentum and the number of women attending various meetings and training sessions continues to grow. The WALK Steering Committee firmly believes that leveraging the success of this local group and establishing additional groups across all locations in which Kaman women are employed is key to WALK’s success. These groups will help our women meet, develop networking relationships, and sponsor training or other events of local interest. Currently, there are six local women’s group operating at Kaman sites across the U.S.

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Quarterly WALK Award Program

The purpose of this initiative is to recognize anyone in Kaman management who does an exceptional job developing and mentoring their employees in their efforts to grow professionally. Ongoing talent development in the form of career coaching and mentoring is key to management competency and nurturing our workforce.

Regional Opportunities to Meet Leadership

Many women at Kaman have expressed that they feel they do not have as many opportunities to meet and speak with members of Kaman leadership as their male counterparts. This initiative is meant to create specific opportunities for Kaman leaders to meet with women in small group settings as they travel to various Kaman sites or regions.

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